We buy used power equipment from all around THE WORLD


1. fill out a quick form

that includes details such as brand, model, serial number, age and other aspects.

2. We will contact you

One of our buyer representatives will quickly contact you regarding next steps.

3. Get paid fast

Our service model enables us to quickly appraise and pay for your valuable assets.

If you are selling multiple units or would prefer to speak to a representative immediately, give us a call at 713-600-9888

Why Sell Online

Trying to get a bargain price for power equipment can be a hassle sometimes. The shop you’re trying to sell to simply may not want it. More often, the shop will offer a price that is far below its market value and then turn around and sell it at a higher price. We take the time to examine each and every product that customers want to sell and figure out the best price for it. This means, you save time, as we do all the heavy lifting in appraising your equipment, and you get real market value for your equipment.

Will We Buy Regardless of Condition?

Yes we do! We will happily buy generators & power equipment of any condition. From old to used we will give fair market value for your equipment. We can even provide an appraisal if you’re unsure on the condition of your equipment. Simply fill out our online form and a representative will contact you when most convenient.

What About Shipping Costs?

If you are concerned about shipping, we take care of those worries as well. We make it easy to sell used generators or new ones by coming to you. That way there are no shipping costs or moving damages to worry about.

Do We Sell Generators & Equipment to Consumers

No we do not. If you’re interested in buying generators and/or power equipment we recommend DEPCO Power Systems.